Who we work with

TIC CIC is passionate about building links and networks with individuals and organisations across sectors who are interested in, or already championing, a trauma informed approach.  We have specific expertise in the following areas:

Mental health

Adverse Childhood Experiences often have a significant impact on mental health in childhood, adolescence and adulthood, and a trauma informed approach both promotes the conditions for healing and reduces the risk of retraumatisation.

With extensive experience in this sector, we can help organisations assess their current approach and support them in their journey to create a trauma informed culture of care.


The majority of people who experience long term homelessness have been exposed to a range of childhood traumas, and homelessness itself adds another layer of trauma to the mix. Systems (understandably) do not always have the right knowledge, tools or capacity to deal with the impact of multiple trauma, so are likely to focus on the immediate crisis situation and essential practical help rather than taking action to break the cycle, which pulls people back to the streets.

Building on our 10 years’ work at senior levels of the homelessness sector we have the experience and knowledge to help you to develop skills in relation to trauma awareness and practice.


TIC CIC is very aware of the pressing need within the education sector, and in particular schools, for training and support which enables teachers and pastoral staff to work constructively with children and young people who have experienced early trauma.

Many such children struggle with educational attainment and behaviour, and trauma informed approaches can address some of the underlying causes.

We are currently developing partnerships with other organisations who use a trauma informed approach within this field and would be happy to discuss this further.

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The consequences of trauma can affect people’s ability to successfully access the care, support and treatment they require in a range of settings, (for example, physical health, mental health, education, justice, employment and housing)
— NHS Education for Scotland